Founded in 2018, Connected is a community, a tribe, where we connect with others like us, learn together, and thrive together. 


As entrepreneurs, and simply as human beings, we sometimes feel we can or should do things on our own. We rarely ask for help or open up for fear of rejection, vulnerability, being perceived as not serious, and possibly other reasons. But no one is truly self-made. Rather, we are shaped by our experiences and the people around us. 

At Connected, we believe inclusion in a warm, supportive community is conducive to success. Access to the right network provides motivation, fosters innovation, and allows us to focus on what’s most important to us.




Daniela Obi | Founder



Beloved "Auntie"


Daniela Obi is a Nigerian-American from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now living in Columbus, Ohio.  She is a former Project Manager and Process Improvement Consultant turned entrepreneur.  Growing up in Milwaukee, she watched her mother successfully launch and manage four businesses of her own, while caring for four children and an ailing husband.  This is where Daniela learned her ambition and drive that carried her through into adulthood.

Daniela believes that connecting people is her superpower. Despite being an introvert, she is drawn to the adventure of entrepreneurship due to her love of networking, creating things and solving problems. Throughout her life Daniela has been committed to connecting with others and giving back.  She has volunteered with several organizations, including the YWCA, National Black MBA Association, Dress for Success, and Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Daniela is also a proponent of personal development, attending workshops and professional events regularly.  Being a process improvement consultant, she is always looking for ways to solve problems and create efficiencies. 

And these are all reasons Daniela is launching Connected.  She wants to create a space to empower small business owners via connections to other people, resources and opportunities to fuel their passions.

Board Members

Caroline Obikwelu


Carol Clark



Our philosophy can be summed up in three words:




The idea at the core of our business is connectedness.  No one is self-made; rather, we’re shaped by our experiences and the people around us.  At Connected we believe inclusion in a warm, supportive community is conducive to success.  And access to the right network motivates and fosters innovation, allowing us to focus on what’s most important.

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Our belief is that learning should never stop. It’s a continuous process.  It’s a catalyst for ideation, growth and empowerment.  At Connected we share resources from thought-leaders within the Connected community, around the city, and across the globe.

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Connected is family, and as such we want the best for each other.  We celebrate successes, learn from failures, and challenge each other to keep going.  Our tribe hustles together and grows together, in our business and personal lives.  Connected isn’t just a word for us; it’s how we live and how we thrive.

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Our space will be opening in 2019. More details to come!