There is No Better Teacher Than Experience

There is No Better Teacher Than Experience

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a mission to learn all I can about websites, email lists and social media marketing, oh my! You may (or may not lol) have seen the fruits of my applied efforts recently. Bear with me, change is coming!

But that brings me to our #tuesdaystwocents topic. There is No Better Teacher Than Experience.

I’m taking a page out of Lebron's book this week (Lebron James that is).  He recently did an interview where he was asked, with all the success he’s had over the years, what advice would he give his teenage self. His response?


"I don't want advice, and the reason I don't want advice is because every experience is a teacher," 

And I agree, in part. As I look back over the last year at all the articles I’ve read, videos I’ve listened to, workshops I’ve attended, and experts I’ve sought advice from, I realize that now that I’ve actually launched my business, doing so has been the best learning experience. Now that I’m seeing the concepts applied, I can see what works and what doesn’t, and proceed or pivot accordingly.

There’s something to be said about learning from others’ mistakes though. If it’s been proven that doing X produces a bad outcome, if probably makes sense to avoid doing X. Or, you could research it to figure out why it doesn’t work, and try to do it better.

But then again, what doesn’t work for one person may end up being the key to success for another.

In the end… You just have to try, fail, experience and learn for yourself.

Until next time, stay teachable my friends!