Assume Innocence; Assume Positive Intent

Assume Innocence; Assume Positive Intent

Now this one is hard! I struggle with it  But it's very necessary, especially as a business owner.

I had an experience this week that tested this theory. And yes, I know, it's only Tuesday.

There was an individual who seemed to want to monopolize my time. They would send a request via text, then send followup texts if I didn't respond within a few minutes. Then they'd try contacting me via other means. I kinda wondered if I would soon get a knock on the door too. 😳

Meanwhile, I was working, trying to finish an urgent item for an upcoming event. And thinking to myself, 'do they think I'm only here to be at their every beck and call?!' (p.s. <----that was the 'lite' version of my thought.)

Then I heard that precious phrase in my head - ASSUME INNOCENCE, ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT!

So I had a woosah moment. Took a sip of wine, I mean, a deep breath. Finished what I was working on, then...went to relax. A calmer head would prevail the following morning. lol

And it did. I reread the messages and tried to put myself in their shoes to understand what may be going on. Maybe they didn't realize what they were doing or how it came across.  Maybe.  Y'all I said we're assuming innocence and positive intent right?? 😃 😃

I also recognized that this was a #teachablemoment where I needed to remain calm yet reiterate some boundaries.  Which I did when I finally responded.

Maybe you have a situation(s) with customers, partners, employees or others and you feel like giving them a piece of your mind. Take a step back and think about it first.  Because you're not only representing yourself, you're representing your business.  Have your woosah moment, take a deep breath, or do whatever will calm you and clear your head.  Then put yourself in their shoes and frame your response.

I'm rooting for got this!